Shooting out on location...New York style.

Shooting out on location...New York style.

Kent Wedding Photographer

Hi - It's been a while :) I've been out in New York City shooting street life in the wonderful Big Apple. I had a couple of free weekends from weddings over here in Kent so decided I needed a bit of inspirational change so made my way over to the constantly vibrant midtown area of Manhattan. Being in NYC its impossible to sit still and chill, the immersive energy levels just overcome you and from the minute you get off the train into Manhattan you just have to be amongst it. I spent the 2 weeks I was there capturing life on the streets in Greenwich Village, Soho, Noho, China Town, Queens, Hell's Kitchen, Dumbo, Williamsburg and other parts of Brooklyn...the streets had so much character and tons of stuff going on...Basketball Streetball matches, Jazz bands, street graffiti, breakdancers on subway trains to name just a few. I would love to shoot a wedding portrait session out on the Brooklyn streets one day, so many cool backdrops and props :) The photo I have added above is one of my favourites from the trip...a panoramic viewpoint from the top of the Rockerfeller Centre overlooking Manhattan shot during an unusually hot spring evening. The best part for me was hearing the feint sounds of the taxi horns and traffic down below which gave it an unusually surreal and calm feel.

I'm now back in Broadstairs planning for my Spring weddings in Whitstable, Canterbury, Broadstairs and Margate but if you are looking at getting married abroad this year or in 2017 i'd love to hear from you...shooting on location is the ultimate buzz as a photographer :) 

James Davies

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